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GSK3368715 (EPZ019997)
GSK3368715 (EPZ019997) is a first-in-class, orally active, potent and selective, SAM-Noncompetive inhibitor of Type I Protein Arginine Methyltransferases (PRMTs) with IC50 in lower nM; alters exon usage and shows anti-tumor efficacy in multiple cancer models; synergizes with the PRMT5 inhibitor GSK3326595 (Type II inhibitor) to inhibit tumor growth (Ref. 1).
Catalog NO: CT-GSK715
Synonym: GSK715
CAS NO: 2227587-25-7 (HCl), 1628925-77-8 (HCl) 1629013-22-4 (Free Base)
Mol. Formula: C20H38N4O2 • HCl
MW: 403.0
** in vivo Quality Material. >99.5% by HPLC (See Quality Controls attached), monohydrochloride (1xHCl salt), validated by a spot-on quantitative elemental analysis. Water-soluble.* Bulk stock. Prompt.