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AZ5104 is an active circulating metabolite of AZD9291. It shares the similar overall activity profile with AZD9219, but is more potent against mutant EGFR forms, while hitting the wild-type EGFR form at a lower concentration thus demonstrating a smaller selectivity margin compared with the parent. Like AZD9291, AZ5104 displays potent antitumor activities both in vitro and in vivo, and is clinically competent with the parent.
Catalog NO: CT-AZ5104
CAS NO: 1421373-98-9
Mol. Formula: C27H31N7O2∙0.3HCl
MW: 500.2
** Grams in stock from Indianapolis USA. A clean product with clean HPLC and NMR + Quantitative Elemental Analysis. Ship within 1 day.