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AHU-377 (Sacubitril)
AHU-377 (Sacubitril) is a prodrug which is activated in vivo by hydrolytic enzyme esterases to form an active compound LBQ657 that selectively and potently inhibits the enzyme Neprilysin with Ki at low nM. Neprilysin is a protease responsible for the degradation of atrial and brain natriuretic peptides. Inhibition of the enzyme prevents the degradation of natriuretic peptides and activates cGMP signaling pathways that regulate volume and blood pressure. AHU-377 (Sacubitril) is an investigational antihypertensive drug being studied for use in combination with Valsartan (molar ratio: 1:1) (Our Prod No. CT-VALS). The combination drug, known as LCZ696, is in clinical trials for the treatment of heart failure.
Catalog NO: CT-AHU377
Synonym: Sacubitril
CAS NO: 149709-62-6
Mol. Formula: C24H29NO5 ∙ C4H11NO3
MW: 532.6
** The product being offered is white powder/flakes (see attached picture), as a tris salt (1:1 molar ratio),* with clean analytical data + an excellent quantitative elemental analysis. In stock. Ship within 1 day.