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Kinesin Ligand/ModulatorExpand Kinesin Ligand/Modulator
KRAS-PDEδ Interaction Inhibitor/ModulatorExpand KRAS-PDEδ Interaction Inhibitor/Modulator
Monocarboxylate Transporter 1 (MCT 1) Inhibitor/LigandExpand Monocarboxylate Transporter 1 (MCT 1) Inhibitor/Ligand
MTH1 (NUDT1, Human MutT Homologue)Expand MTH1 (NUDT1, Human MutT Homologue)
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p53–MDM2 Interaction Inhibitor/ModulatorExpand p53–MDM2 Interaction Inhibitor/Modulator
PDE4 ( Phosphodiesterase Type 4) Inhibitor/Modulators
Phosphatase Inhibitors/ModulatorsExpand Phosphatase Inhibitors/Modulators
Polymerase Inhibitor/ModulatorExpand Polymerase Inhibitor/Modulator
Reagents for Biological Assays
RORγ (Retinoic Acid-related Orphan Receptor gamma (γ )) Agonist
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SMAC Mimics and Inhibitors of IAP
SMAC Mimics and Inhibitors of IAP
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