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Tubastatin A
Tubastatin A is a potent HDAC6 inhibitor with an IC50 value of 15 nM. Comparatively, it demonstrates over 1,000-fold selectivity against all other HDAC isoforms (IC50s >16 μM), excluding HDAC8 (IC50 = 0.9 μM). Tubastatin A induces α-tubulin hyperacetylation at 2.5 μM in primary cortical neuron cultures. In a model of oxidative stress induced by glutathione depletion, tubastatin A displays dose-dependent neuronal protection of primary cortical neuron cultures at 5-10 μM.
Catalog NO: CT-TUBA
CAS NO: 1310693-92-5
Mol. Formula: C20H21N3O2∙HCl ∙ 0.4H2O
MW: 379.1
** An off-white to beige powder (see attached picture), 99.5% pure + impeccable 1H-NMR + a high-precision quantitative elemental analysis (ref. 2). Ship within 1 day.