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Tubacin is a specific inhibitor of HDAC6, one of 11 known human HDACs. Besides deacetylating tubulin, HDAC6 binds both polyubiquinated proteins (i.e., proteins marked for degradation by attached ubiquitin "flags") and dynein (a protein motor associated with microtubules), bringing the two together to help the cell clean house. This takes place through a recently described cell structure called the aggresome. There is growing evidence to support the relevance of HDAC6 and its non-histone substrates as a target for other cancers, including breast cancer. In addition, HDAC6 also targets another cellular protein known as Hsp90, a protein critical in helping other proteins achieve their correct conformation, including proteins implicated in many forms of cancer. 
Catalog NO: CT-TUCN
CAS NO: 537049-40-4
Mol. Formula: C41H43N3O7S
MW: 721.9
** Snow-white powder (Pic attached), optically pure (>99% by chiral HPLC), with quantitative microanalysis. Bulk stock!! Same day shipping.