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StemRegenin 1
StemRegenin 1 (SR1) (CAS No. 1227633-49-9) promotes the ex vivo expansion of CD34+ cells. Culture of HSCs with SR1 led to a 50-fold increase in cells expressing CD34 and a 17-fold increase in cells that retain the ability to engraft immunodeficient mice. Mechanistic studies show that SR1 acts by antagonizing the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AHR). The identification of SR1 and AHR modulation as a means to induce ex vivo HSC expansion should facilitate the clinical use of HSC therapy.
Catalog NO: CT-SR1
Synonym: SR1
CAS NO: 1227633-49-9
Mol. Formula: C24H23N5OS ∙ 0.7HCl ∙ 0.2H2O
MW: 458.7
** Grams in stock from Indianapolis USA. A white solid/powder, clean (>99% by HPLC), coming with an excellent quantitative elemental analysis. Ship within 1 day.