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RX-5902 (Supinoxin)
RX-5902 (Supinoxin) is an orally administered small molecule inhibitor of a unique cancer protein – phosphorylated-p68 RNA Helicase (P-p68), a protein selectively overexpressed in cancer cells and absent in normal tissue. P-p68 is believed to increase the activity of multiple cancer related genes including, cyclin D1, c-jun and c-myc, and plays a prominent role in tumor progression and metastasis. Over-expression of P-p68 has been observed in many solid tumors, including, melanoma, colon, ovarian and lung tumors. RX-5902, as a single agent, inhibits tumor growth and enhances survival in a variety of in vivo animal xenograft tumor models (e.g., renal, ovarian, pancreatic, melanoma).
Catalog NO: CT-RX5902
Synonym: Supinoxin
CAS NO: 888478-45-3
Mol. Formula: C22H24FN5O4
MW: 441.5
** in vivo grade material. Snow-white crystalline powder, 99.9% purity by HPLC + a clean and impeccable 1H-NMR + a spot-on high-precision quantitative elemental analysis. Ship within 1 day from Indianapolis.