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PBF-509 (Taminadenant)
PBF-509 (Taminadenant, NIR178), an oral immunotherapy agent, is a potent and selective A2A (Adenosine 2A) receptor antagonist, binding to human A2A receptor with a Ki value of 12 nM. It inhibits A2AR expressed on T lymphocytes, thus abrogates the adenosine/ A2AR-mediated inhibition of T-lymphocytes and activates a T-cell-mediated immune response against tumor cells, thereby reducing proliferation of susceptible tumor cells. It is also reported as a potential pro-dopaminergic drug for Parkinson’s disease (PD) management.
Catalog NO: CT-PBF509
Synonym: NIR178, Taminadenant
CAS NO: 1337962-47-6
Mol. Formula: C10H8BrN7
MW: 306.1
** in vivo Quality Material. >99.5% Pure by HPLC, coming with a spot-on high-precision Quantitative Microanalysis. Bulk stock! Prompt.