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NVP-CGM097 Hydrochloride (HCl salt)
NVP-CGM097 (CGM-097) is a potent and selective MDM2 inhibitor. Optically pure (S-Enantiomer) NVP-CGM097 binds to the p53 binding-site of the Human MDM2 protein with an IC50 value of 1.7 nM, highly selective against other protein-protein interactions such as p53:MDM4 (>1000-fold selectivity), Ras:Raf (3000-fold selectivity), and showing no significant activity against Bcl-2:Bak, Bcl-2:Bad, Mcl-1:Bak, Mcl-1:NOXA, XIAP:BIR3, and c-IAP:BIR3 protein−protein interactions. It inhibits the p53:MDM2 interaction in cells, leading to p53 nuclear translocation that results in cell growth inhibition in a p53-dependent manner (ref. 1). Exhibit excellent in vivo pharmacological properties. It is currently in clinical evaluations in p53wt tumors (ref. 1).
Catalog NO: CT-CGM097
Synonym: CGM097
CAS NO: 1313363-54-0
Mol. Formula: C38H47ClN4O4·2HCl·H2O
MW: 750.2 (or, refer to Certificate of Analysis, batch-specific)
** in vivo Quality Material. 99.9% pure by Achiral and Chiral HPLCs (attached). HCl salt, validated by a spot-on Quantitative Elemental Analysis. Bulk stock (Pls ask for Bulk quotes, 200mg, 500mg, 1g, 2g, …). Same Day shipping..