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Kinase InhibitorsExpand Kinase Inhibitors
Activated Factor VII (Factor VIIa) Expand Activated Factor VII (Factor VIIa)
Arginase Inhibitor
Adenosine Receptor Ligands
Autotaxin Inhibitor
Bcl-2 Protein Inhibitors/DegradersExpand Bcl-2 Protein Inhibitors/Degraders
BCL-6 Protein Inhibitors
CD73 Immune Pathway Inhibitor/ModulatorExpand CD73 Immune Pathway Inhibitor/Modulator
Cell Cycle ModulatorsExpand Cell Cycle Modulators
Cell Metabolism ModulatorsExpand Cell Metabolism Modulators
ChemotherapyExpand Chemotherapy
CoREST-selective Deacetylase (CoreDAC) inhibitors
Degraders (Protein Degraders)
DNA Methyltransferase Inhibtors
DNA Repair Targeted Therapy
DNA/RNA Synthesis Inhibitor/Blocker
Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Modulator (ERSM)
Epigenetics Resch ProductsExpand Epigenetics Resch Products
Gamma (γ) Secretase (GS) Inhibitors
Glucocorticoid Receptor Antagonist/Modulator
Glutaminase Inhibitor
G-Protein-coupled Receptor LigandsExpand G-Protein-coupled Receptor Ligands
Heat Shock Protein Research ProductsExpand Heat Shock Protein Research Products
Hedgehog Signaling Pathway ModulatorsExpand Hedgehog Signaling Pathway Modulators
Hippo Pathway Signaling Inhibitor
HMG-CoA ReductaseExpand HMG-CoA Reductase
Hormone Receptor ModulatorsExpand Hormone Receptor Modulators
Hydrolase Inhibitors/ModulatorsExpand Hydrolase Inhibitors/Modulators
IDH (Isocitrate Dehydrogenase) InhibitorsExpand IDH (Isocitrate Dehydrogenase) Inhibitors
IMPDH (Inosine Monosphosphate Dehydrogenase) InhibitorExpand IMPDH (Inosine Monosphosphate Dehydrogenase) Inhibitor
Immune Activation Agents/ModulatorsExpand Immune Activation Agents/Modulators
Immuno/Inflammatory Mediators Expand Immuno/Inflammatory Mediators
Immunoproteasome Inhibitor
Immuno-oncology ModulatorsExpand Immuno-oncology Modulators
Immunosuppressants/Immunochemotherapy Agents
Isomerase Inhibitor/ModulatorExpand Isomerase Inhibitor/Modulator
Kinesin Ligand/ModulatorExpand Kinesin Ligand/Modulator
KRAS Pathway InhibitorsExpand KRAS Pathway Inhibitors
Liver X receptor (LXR) Agonist/Modulator
Metabolic Pathway Modulators Expand Metabolic Pathway Modulators
Monocarboxylate Transporter 1 (MCT 1) Inhibitor/LigandExpand Monocarboxylate Transporter 1 (MCT 1) Inhibitor/Ligand
Monocarboxylate Transporter 4 (MCT 4) Inhibitor
MTH1 (NUDT1, Human MutT Homologue)Expand MTH1 (NUDT1, Human MutT Homologue)
Neuroactive Research ProductsExpand Neuroactive Research Products
Notch/Wnt Signaling PathwayExpand Notch/Wnt Signaling Pathway
Nuclear Export Protein Inhibitors/ModulatorsExpand Nuclear Export Protein Inhibitors/Modulators
Other Enzyme Inhibitors/ModulatorsExpand Other Enzyme Inhibitors/Modulators
OXPHOS (Mitochondrial Oxidative Phosphorylation of Complex I) Modulator
PD-1/PD-L1 Checkpoint Inhibitors
p53–MDM2 ModulatorsExpand p53–MDM2 Modulators
PCNA (Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen)
PDE4 ( Phosphodiesterase Type 4) Inhibitor/Modulators
Phosphatase Inhibitors/ModulatorsExpand Phosphatase Inhibitors/Modulators
PLA2 (Phospholipase A2) Inhibitor
Polymerase Inhibitor/ModulatorExpand Polymerase Inhibitor/Modulator
PPARG Agonist (Peroxisome Proliferator-activated Receptor Gamma Agomist)
Reagents for Biological Assays
RORγ (Retinoic Acid-related Orphan Receptor gamma (γ )) Agonist
SMAC Mimics and Inhibitors of IAP
Stem Cell Research ProductsExpand Stem Cell Research Products
STING (Stimulator of Interferon Genes) Agonist
SUMO Pathway Modulator
TEAD Inhibitor
Toll-like Receptor Agonist
Ubiquitin / Proteasome SystemExpand Ubiquitin / Proteasome System
Wnt Signaling Pathway Modulators
WRN helicase Inhibitor
YAP/TAZ Signaling Inhibitor
Zinc Finger Protein (IKZF1/3) Degrader
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Menin-MLL interaction inhibitors
Menin-MLL interaction inhibitors
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