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M-3814 (M3814) (Nedisertib)
M-3814 (Nedisertib) is an orally available, highly potent and selective inhibitor of DNA-dependent protein kinase (DNA-PK). It targets tumor cell growth and survival by inhibiting a critical Double-Strand Breaks (DSB) DNA damage repair mechanism. M3814 sensitizes multiple tumor cell lines to radiation therapy in vitro, and strongly potentiates the antitumor activity of ionizing radiation (IR) in vivo (Xenotransplanted Tumors in Nude Mice) (ref 1) with complete tumor regression applying a clinically relevant fractionated radiation regimen. It is currently in clinical evaluation.
Catalog NO: CT-M3814
Synonym: Nedisertib, MSC2490484A
CAS NO: 1637542-33-6
Mol. Formula: C24H21ClFN5O3
MW: 481.9
** in vivo Quality Material. 99.5%-100% by achiral and chiral HPLCs. A pale-yellow crystalline powder (picture attached), with a spot-on quantitative microanalysis (element counts). Clean (QC Docs attached). Bulk! Prompt.