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LY2606368 (Prexasertib) Mesylate
LY2606368 (Prexasertib) is a clinical -stage, potent and selective ATP competitive inhibitor of the CHK protein kinase. It preferentially acts on CHK1 (with a biochemical Ki of 0.9 nM) over CHK2 and RSK (with Ki of 8 nM and 9 nM, respectively). CHK1 is a protein kinase that regulates the tumor cell’s response to DNA damage often caused by treatment with chemotherapy. In response to DNA damage, CHK1 blocks cell cycle progression in order to allow to repair damaged DNA, thereby limiting the efficacy of chemotherapeutic agents. Inhibiting CHK1 in combination with chemotherapy can enhance tumor cell death by preventing these cells from recovering from DNA damage.
Catalog NO: CT-LY260M
Synonym: Prexasertib, LY2606368
CAS NO: 1234015-55-4 1234015-57-6
Mol. Formula: C18H19N7O2∙ CH4O3S ∙ H2O
MW: 479.5
** in vivo Quality material. >99% purity. Mesylate salt (Clinical Formulation Format), Monohydrate, validated by a high-precision Quantitative Microanalysis. Bulk stock! Prompt.