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LOXO-195 (Selitrectinib)
Selitrectinib (LOXO-195) is an oral, second generation TRK inhibitor being made to address the acquired resistance to first generation TRK inhibitor (such as LOXO-101). LOXO-195 potently and selectively inhibits, with minimal activity against other kinases, pan-TRKs (with potency on par with that of LOXO-101), and more importantly, abrogates resistance in TRK fusion–positive cancers that acquired kinase domain mutations due to the treatment of existing TRK inhibitors. Displays high oral bioavailability and favorable PK in animals.
Catalog NO: CT-LX195
Synonym: Selitrectinib
CAS NO: 2097002-61-2
Mol. Formula: C20H21FN6O
MW: 380.4
** in vivo quality material, 99.7-100% by achiral and chiral HPLCs (All QC Docs attached). A single isomer (out of possible four) with Spot-on Microanalysis. Bulk (get discounted quote for other size)! Same day shipping.