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IACS-010759 (IACS-10759)
IACS-010759 (IACS-10759) is a clinical stage, orally available, potent and selective inhibitor of mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation (OXPHOS) complex I with IC50 at low nM. Exploiting metabolic vulnerability (blocking cellular respiration process), IACS-010759 (IACS-10759) impairs (impedes) cancer cell growth and survival. It displays potent tumor growth inhibition in vivo at well-tolerated doses in brain cancer and AML models and is currently being evaluated in Phase I clinical trials in relapsed/refractory AML and solid tumors (ref 1).
Catalog NO: CT-IACS107
Synonym: IACS-10759
CAS NO: 1570496-34-2
Mol. Formula: C25H25F3N6O4S
MW: 562.6
** In vivo Quality Material. >99% Pure, anhydrous, validated by a spot-on Quantitative Elemental Analysis, made for in vivo studies. Bulk Stock (get quote for larger size)! Same day shipping