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E-7766 (E7766) is a structurally novel class of macrocyclic molecule, metabolically stable, specific, and potent (Kd in lower nM, on par with that of the natural ligand 2′,3′-cGAMP (Prod No. CT-CGMAP) agonist for both human and mouse STING (Stimulator of Interferon Genes). Exhibits broad pan‐genotypic activity in all major human STING variants. Demonstrates potent antitumor activity with long lasting immune memory response in a mouse liver metastatic tumor model (ref. 1, 2).
Catalog NO: CT-E7766
Synonym: E7766
CAS NO: 2242635-02-3
Mol. Formula: (C24H24 F2N10O8S2)2- • 2(NH4)+
MW: 780.7
** in vivo Quality Material. >99.5% by HPLC (attached), water-soluble, diammonium salt (clinical formulation format). Bulk (discounted price on sizes: 20, 50, 100, 200mg, …,). Same Day Shipping. 1.0 mg equals 1.28 µmol.