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Deltarasin HCl salt
Deltarasin is a novel small molecule inhibiting the KRAS-PDEδ interaction and thus impairing oncogenic KRAS signalling. Deltarasin selectively binds to the prenyl-binding pocket of PDEδ with nanomolar affinity (IC50 = 41 nM, binding to PDEδ in cell) [Ref 1].
Catalog NO: CT-DELT
CAS NO: 1440898-82-7 (HCl salt) 1440898-61-2 (Free Base)
Mol. Formula: C40H37N5O∙3.3 HCl∙3H2O
MW: 778.1
** A snow-white powder (see attached picture), with >99.5% chemical and optical purity (by HPLC and Chiral HPLC), coming with an excellent quantitative elemental analysis. Ship within 1 day from Indianapolis USA