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Decernotinib (VX-509)
Decernotinib (VX-509; VRT-831509, Adelatinib) is an orally bioavailable Janus kinase 3 (JAK3) inhibitor, potently and selectively inhibiting the enzyme with an in vitro Ki of 2.5 nM, and IC50 of 50-170 nM in cellular assays dependent on JAK3 activity. Highly selective, displaying no activity (with limited or no measureable potency) towards other JAK and non-JAK enzymes. Showed in vivo activity in two animal models of aberrant immune function, and demonstrated dose-dependent reduction in ankle swelling and paw weight and improved paw histopathology scores in the rat collagen-induced arthritis model (ref.1).
Catalog NO: CT-DECE
Synonym: VX-509, VRT-831509, Adelatinib
CAS NO: 944842-54-0
Mol. Formula: C18H19F3N6O
MW: 392.4
** A snow-white crystalline powder, recrystallized (picture attached), clean (>99.5% by achiral HPLC), optically pure (100%ee by chiral HPLC), coming with a perfect quantitative elemental analysis. Bulk Stock!! Ship within 1 day.