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CNDAC (DFP-10917, TAS-109)
CNDAC (DFP-10917) is an orally available deoxycytosine nucleoside analog with potential antineoplastic activity. Upon administration, CNDAC (DFP-10917) is phosphorylated to generate its nucleotide form, functioning as a deoxycytosine mimic and is incorporated into DNA in tumor cells. This causes DNA strand breaks during polymerization due to beta-elimination during the fidelity checkpoint, resulting in G2/M phase-arrest and tumor cell apoptosis. It is currently under clinical evaluation to treat haematological malignancies.
Catalog NO: CT-CNDAC
Synonym: DFP-10917, TAS109, DFP10917, TAS-109
CAS NO: 134665-72-8 (HCl salt) 135598-68-4 (free base)
Mol. Formula: C10H12N4O4∙HCl
MW: 288.7
** in vivo Quality Material, snow-white crystalline powder (picture attached), 99.9% chem and optical purity (by Achiral & Chiral HPLCs) + impeccable 1H- and NOSEY NMRs, + a spot-on Elemental Analysis. Bulk stock. Ship within 1 day.