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CEP-28122 is a highly potent, selective and orally active ALK inhibitor (Ezymatic IC50: 1.9 nM (ref 1), 3 nM (ref 2), Cellular IC50: 30 nM (ref 2), Cellular IC50 in 75% murine: 300 nM (ref 2)), displaying a favorable pharmaceutical and pharmacokinetic profile and robust and selective pharmacologic efficacy against ALK-positive human cancer cells and tumor xenograft models in mice.
Catalog NO: CT-CEP281
CAS NO: 1022958-60-6
Mol. Formula: C28H35ClN6O3
MW: 539.1
** in vivo Quality material. >99.5% by achiral and chiral HPLCs, white powder, Free-base (salt-free), anhydrous, validated with a spot-on quantitative microanalysis. Bulk stock, ship within 1 day.