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Birinapant (TL32711) is a cell permeable, orally bioavailable, synthetic bivalent small molecule peptido mimetics of second mitochondrial-derived activator of caspases (SMAC) and potent and selective inhibitor of IAP (Inhibitor of Apoptosis Protein) family proteins with Kd values of 45 nM and <1 nM for XIAP and cIAP1, respectively. SMAC mimetics Birinapant and LCL-161 (our Prod No CT-LCL-161) are also negative regulators of HIV-1 transcription, promoting reversal of viral latency (Ref. 3).
Catalog NO: CT-BIRI
Synonym: TL32711
CAS NO: 1260251-31-7
Mol. Formula: C42H56F2N8O6∙ 2 HCl
MW: 879.9
** 99.5% pure, in vivo grade material, beige powder (picture attached). Hydrochloride, validated by a quantitative microanalysis. Bulk stock, same day shipping.