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BI-3406 is an orally bioavailable, highly potent and selective KRAS/Son of Sevenless 1 (SOS1) interaction inhibitor (IC50 = 6 nM), binding to the catalytic domain of the guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) SOS1 thereby preventing the interaction with KRAS-GDP. BI-3406 does not block the interaction of KRAS with SOS2 but elicits activity on a broad panel of KRAS oncogenic variants, including all major G12 and G13 oncoproteins. In KRAS-dependent cancers, BI-3406 potently reduces the formation of GTP-loaded KRAS, and inhibits MAPK pathway signaling both in vitro and in vivo. Down-modulation of this signaling cascade by BI-3406 in KRAS G12 or G13 mutant cells effectively limits cell proliferation. As a monotherapy, BI-3406 modulates signaling, as assessed by p-ERK and target genes, and displays marked anti-tumor efficacy in KRAS mutant xenografts (ref 1).
Catalog NO: CT-BI3406
Synonym: BI3406
CAS NO: 2230836-55-0
Mol. Formula: C23H25F3N4O3
MW: 462.5
** in vivo Quality Material. >99% pure by Achiral and Chiral HPLCs (Attached), with validated absolute configuration. Anhydrous, confirmed by a spot-on Quantitative Elemental Analysis. Bulk stock (Pls ask for quote on 0.5, 1, 2G, …,). Same Day Shipping.