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A-1210477 is a proteolytically stable, cell-permeable and high affinity BH3 mimetics of anti-apoptotic protein MCL-1, binding to the target potently and selectively with a Ki value of 0.45 nM, highly selective against closely related proteins of BCL-2 (Ki = 132 nM, >290-fold selectivity) and BCL-XL (Ki > 660 nM, >1400-fold selectivity). A-1210477 is the first-in-class small molecule MCL-1 inhibitor with sufficient potency to disrupt the tight-binding MCL-1-BIM complex in living cells, achieving the hallmarks of intrinsic apoptosis, and demonstrating clear-on-target cancer cell killing capability either as a single agent or in combination with ABT-263 (Navitoclax).
Catalog NO: CT-A121
Synonym: A1210477
CAS NO: 1668553-26-1
Mol. Formula: C46H55N7O7S ∙ 0.5xHCl
MW: 868.3
** A snow-white recrystallized crystalline powder (see attached picture), clean (>99.5% by HPLC) + impeccable 1H-NMR, + a perfect Quantitative Elemental Analysis. BULK STOCK!!!. Ship within 1 day.