ChemieTek is a chemistry company. Our company's specialties encompass the following:

  • Custom synthesis and contract research in the fields of organic and medicinal chemistry.
  • Manufacture and sale of chemical and biochemical products.
  • Research and development of chemical entities of medicinal use.
Based in Indianapolis, Indiana - the crossroads of America - ChemieTek's expert staff is headed by Dr. W. Willie Yuan, who has spent more than ten years of product research and development in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry in the United States.

Dr. Yuan obtained a Ph. D. degree in chemistry from the University of Washington, and was a postdoctoral fellow at Scripps Research Institute and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is an author of twenty peer-reviewed scholarly publications, and an inventor of six patents.

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Phone:Toll-free 1-877-343-6578 (US and Canada only) 317-598-0828 Fax:317-598-0835
Mailing Address:Northeast Business Center, 7301 E. 90th Street, Suite 117, Indianapolis, IN 46256 USA